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Ph.D., Berkeley, Jurisprudence and Social Policy

M.P.P., Harvard

immigration law and policy, race theory, political theory and public law.

  • (805) 893-8573
  • HSSB 5050
  • Business Officer
  • Assistant to the Chair
  • Purchasing
  • Budget and finances
  • Academic personnel
  • Hiring students, teaching associates and lecturers
  • Event planning
  • Conference room scheduling
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  • (805) 893-2371
  • HSSB 5042
  • Peer Advisor
History of Public Policy Major
Asian American Studies Major


I’m a 3rd year at UCSB, and I also work as a Member-at-Large of the ASUCSB Judicial Council, a Peer Mentor for the Undergraduate Mentor Program, and Secretary Chair of the Sociology Association. In my free time I love reading, watching Netflix, lying in one place for hours at a time, and chilling with bubble tea.

The Asian American Studies major at UCSB is probably my greatest discovery in college! My very first quarter I took AS AM 2 with Professor Park, and that class just changed the way I looked at the world around me. I love how interdisciplinary the major is – I’ve taken classes about law, politics, gender, art, and sociology, and I have never left an AS AM class without feeling like I have learned something new. I’m hoping to pursue a career in law or public policy in the future, and I can say without a doubt that the classes I have taken in this major have been some of the most enlightening classes I have taken at UCSB!

  • Wednesday 2:30 - 4:00 P.M. HSSB 5026
  • Professor
  • Chair

Ph.D. Northwestern University, Sociology

Asian American Studies; immigration and welfare policy; health care access; race, class, and gender; urban theory; feminist theory and methods; environmental justice.

  • Professor

Ph.D. in History University of California, Berkeley

U.S. history, Asian-American history, immigration, family, gender, and law

  • (805) 893-2825
  • HSSB 5030
  • Lecturer

Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara, History (Asian American History)


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