Community Studies

The Department's Community Studies program offers an academic course (AS AM 163A) and independent field studies/internship opportunities (AS AM 197).

AS AM 163. Asian American Community Leadership and Social Change


AS AM 163 focuses on framing social problems, community organizing models, and social movement history, with a particular focus on education and housing.  Students will participate in a mini-internship project at a local community-based organization or develop their own social justice project.  The course deals broadly with issues of inequality and social justice in Asian American, Chican@/Latin@, and African American communities. 

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES:  The Department has developed Community Partnerships with La Casa de la Raza, PUEBLO, and Open Alternative School in Santa Barbara as well as sites in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.  Students may participate in internship/social justice/service-learning projects for credit through AS AM 197.