Danna Ma

Peer Advisor

Office Location

Thursday 10:00 – 11:30am in HSSB 5026 Reading Room


Hi! My major is pre-Economics and Accounting with an Asian American Studies Minor. I spend my free time volunteering with Health and Wellness, learning some techy stuff like JavaScript, and practicing multicultural songs. My hobbies include oil painting, sketching, phone photography, having fun with the piano or violin, and trying to become less clumsy (by dancing randomly). I’m taking ballroom this quarter so if you see me, come say hi! Or, you are always welcome to come to my office hours.

I really like Asian American Studies courses because they highlight and examine multiple intercultural perspectives in both literature and life. Asian American Aesthetics with Professor Pandya was the first class I ever took at UCSB and it wasn’t at all what I expect classes to be. In many of the classes I have taken, the professors always seem so distance because of the sheer number of students they have to work with. In upper division classes and even lower division ones, you get the chance to work closely with the professor to develop your communication, writing, and analytical skills. The professors work very closely with students, giving them the chance to express themselves and grow as individuals. The reason I became a minor is because of the wonderful experiences I had with both AsAm classes and the people of the department. Even if you’re not interested in becoming a major/minor, taking an AsAm class will definitely change the way you see the world and yourself.

Feel free to come and just hang. Or if you have questions and can’t come to my office hours, email me and I’ll respond ASAP.