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  • Associate Professor

Ph.D., Stanford University, Anthropology

anthropology of globalization and the state, diaspora, affect and embodiment, humanitarianism and human rights

  • Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., Berkeley, Political Science

immigration history, contemporary community issues

  • Peer Advisor

Hello everyone! 


My name is Christine Choi and I am a 3rd-year Asian American Studies & Global Studies double major, double minoring in Educational Studies and English from Northridge, California. I am a first-generation and Korean-American student and I am beyond excited to be working with the Asian American Studies Department as an Undergraduate Peer Advisor. 


On-campus I am a Returning Resident Assistant (RA) for a pre-dominantly freshmen residence hall, Santa Cruz Hall, and also serve as a Campus Tour Guide and the Vice President of Recruitment and Training through the Gaucho Tour Association within the Office of Admissions. I also am involved as a Peer Mentor and Research Assistant within the UCSB Gevirtz Graduate School of Education’s Koegel Autism Center. I was a Teaching Assistant (TA) for the UCSB Education Department’s course, Introduction to the University, ED 20 for freshmen, and currently one for ED 118 for transfer students. I am also the Administrative Vice President of the National Residence Hall Honorary Chapter here on-campus. I also have experience working in different departments such as UCSB Health & Wellness, UCSB Residential Housing Association, UCSB Disabled Students Program, and more. 


I am very passionate about education and specifically ethnic studies being accessible to all students before higher education as taking my first Asian American class here at UCSB changed my life and really allowed myself to further develop my own identity as an Asian American Student. 


I am so excited to work as a Peer Advisor within the department and would love to talk to you more about why I chose to pursue the Asian American Studies major and more. Please feel free to email me whenever and I would love to chat! 


My office hours are in HSSB 5044 (main office) on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM ! 

  • Undergraduate Advisor
  • Department Assistant
  • TA coordinator, hiring, payroll, and fee remissions
  • Student petitions & degree progress checks
  • Course Scheduling
  • Student academic requirements/advising; meets with majors and minors
  • Department Assistant - financial reimbursements, travel, and lodging
  • Department events
  • Peer Advisor Supervision 
  • (805) 893-8039
  • HSSB 5044
  • Professor

Ph.D., UCLA, Psychology

Social movement history, Asian American freedom movements 1940s-1970s, Japanese American radicalism, Afro-Asian solidarities in the Black Radical Tradition, race and racism, racialized gender, and community-engaged research and pedagogies

  • (805) 893-7140
  • HSSB 5034, SH 4603
  • Lecturer

M.A., History, University of Madras

M. Phil., University of Madras

M.A., Dramatic Arts, University of California, Santa Barbara

  • Peer Advisor

Hi everyone! 

My name is Miso Jang and I am a 4th year Asian American Studies and Sociology double major with an Education minor. I am a first-generation Korean American college student from the LA county area. Throughout my time here at UCSB, I've been very active with multiple cultural organizations and took on a couple leadership roles. I was an intern for the Asian and Pacific Islander Cultural Mentorship Program  my second year and became the co-coordinating intern my third year. I was on the Inreach Committee for the Korean American Campus Missions  and I have also participated in two cultural productions with Kapatirang Pilipino and the Vietnamese Student Association . Currently, I am the Public Relations Chair for the Southeast Asian Union  organization and a NUFP (NASPA Undergradute Fellowship Program) mentee. My involvement on campus really allowed me to find my own sense of identity here on campus and has given me a space of community. 
I took my first Asian American Studies course the spring quarter of my freshman year and the course allowed me to explore various sides of the Asian American identity and I immediately declared a minor after taking the course with Dr. Fujino. After taking a few more classes, I really enjoyed learning and became very invested in the material that I was learning, which really pushed me to take more classes. Without realizing it, I took more classes than necessary and followed up with declaring the major my sophomore year. Throughout my time with this major, I really enjoyed getting closer to all of the faculty members in this department and the support they have provided me in my academics. 
This past summer, I wrote two research papers through the Sociology department and one of them explores how Southeast Asian Americans debunk the Model Minority Myth within Asian Americans in education. Although the courses were challenging, it was really eye opening to get involved in the research process and it provided me a better understanding of the Southeast Asian community. 
I am very passionate about learning and getting involved in the Asian American community and the field of education. After graduation, I plan on going to graduate school and work in higher education. 
My office hours for Fall 2018 are on Thursdays 11am-1:45pm. Stop by HSSB 5044 during my office hours to know more about me and our amazing department! 
  • Student Staff

I am a second year student minoring in Asian American Studies. I look forward to a year of learning, building friendships, and experiencing and trying out new things. I am currently undeclared, but I am looking into majoring into psychology or sociology. In my spare time, I enjoy playing soccer and hanging out with friends at the beach.

  • Peer Advisor
Hello there,
My name is Michelle Rose Jocson-Macrohon and I am a 4th year Asian American Studies Major and Technology Management Program. I was born in Pomona but grew up in Fontana, California in the Inland Empire. I am a Filipino/Chinese American First-Generation student. I was apart of Residential Housing Association which is the student government that oversees Residential Living and Kapatirang Pilipino. I came in as an Economics and Accounting Major, then thought of Communications and Sociology. But then I found the Asian American Department and fell in love with my overall experience taking the classes. 
There is a trend within these Asian American classes that I have taken that keep me coming back for me. Where possible, courses rely on historical and comparative methodologies, a combination of epistemological/theoretical concerns with an analysis of “real-life” problems, and a critical approach to the processes of knowledge construction, all of which allow a student to develop a contextual understanding of the issues they are studying. Although, called the "Asian American Studies Department, the content of the class is not only about Asian Americans. These classes encompass multiple factors that involve and are relevant to groups not only pertaining to Asian American History, covering a broad range of issues, from the historically constructed and contested nature of individual identities to issues of cultural and historical representation, social justice, and struggles for racial redress. Its overall objective is to encourage, allow, and facilitate a study of the self in relation to the other. Because the department is a bit smaller than some of the other department here, I have had the greatest opportunities to interact with on an intimate level, as the less student, they have the more time they have to meet with you 1 on 1.
Please feel free to ask me any questions about my experience in the Department. I have office hours Thursdays 12:30 - 3:30 on the 5th floor of HSSB in the Asian American Studies Department. My email is also:


  • Associate Professor

Asian American and comparative ethnic literatures, literary studies, women's literature, feminist studies, cultural studies

family and intergenerational conflict, power and subject formation, gender and the embodied subject, mental health, sexual violence

  • (805) 893-8370
  • HSSB 5036
  • Fall Office Hours -- please note these are subject to change.
  • Thurs Oct 11: 3PM-5PM
  • Thurs Oct 25: 3PM-5PM
  • Weds Nov 7: 2.30PM-4.30PM
  • Mon Nov 19: 11.30-12.30, 1.30-2.30
  • Thurs Nov 29: 4PM-6PM
  • Weds Dec 5: 2.30PM-4.30PM
  • (and by appointment)


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