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Recording of online panel discussion of the history and present state of Black-Asian Alliances. From August 26, 2020.

Research & Scholarship

The Department of Asian American Studies is proud to announce the publication of Assistant Professor Sameer Pandya's new novel, Members Only

From the publisher: "First the white members of Raj Bhatt's posh tennis club call him racist. Then his life falls apart. Along the way, he wonders: where does he, a brown man, belong in America?"

Congratulations to Professor Pandya! Members Only has been featured in the New York Times Book Review and on NPR's All Things Considered.


Department Spotlight

A warm welcome to our new Assistant Professor, Alexander Cho! Professor Cho is a media scholar, digital design researcher, critical theorist, and pop culture geek.

For the 2020-2021 academic year, Professor Cho will be teaching AS AM 118: Asian Americans in Popular Culture; AS AM 127: Asian Americans in Film, Television and Digital Media; and AS AM 8: Introduction to Asian American Gender and Sexuality.

Learn more about Professor Cho on his Faculty Bio page.