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Episode "Our Own People" focuses on Prof. Fujino's biography of Kochiyama, Heartbeat of Struggle.

Columnist for Los Angeles Japanese Daily News takes in-depth look at the research behind Prof. Fujino's new book.

Statement of Support and Concern

Please find the excerpt below from the Department of Asian American Studies' statement on the rise of anti-Asian rhetoric and violence. The recent attacks on persons of Asian ancestry are part of a long and horrible history in the US.

"We stand in solidarity with all of the loved ones and aggrieved who’ve been impacted by this lawlessness. We stand in solidarity with Asian and Asian American women impacted by racialized sexualized violence, and with immigrants, international students, working-class communities, and queer communities, as we recognize the diversity of Asian Americans in the United States. We understand that these forms of violence harm all of us—they are traumatizing to witness, over and over again, especially for persons of Asian ancestry, near Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, and all over this country. With great sorrow, we are aware that such acts of violence will likely continue for the foreseeable future, as white supremacy remains a problem for which all Americans must be accountable."

Department Spotlight

The Department congratulates Professor erin Khuê Ninh for the unprecedented partnership her work has inspired between the Journal of Asian American Studies (JAAS) and the online arts magazine Asian American Writers Workshop (AAWW). In February 2021, Professors Ninh and Shireen Roshanravan (Kansas State University) co-edited a special issue JAAS, designing a reader for Asian American college students on the topic of sexual violence. A selection of the pieces from this issue were then cross listed in AAWW with accompanying artwork by Catalina Ouyang.

Thank you, Prof. Ninh, for creating a collection, as you and your co-editor note, "of the lived-experiences of sexual violence in what is usually dismissed as privileged, unaffected model-minority life."