Special Issue of Amerasia Journal Edited by Diane Fujino & Robyn Rodriguez

A special Issue of Amerasia Journal, edited by Diane C. Fujino and Robyn M. Rodriguez, focuses on “Asian American and Pacific Islander Activism: Commemorating 50 Years of Asian American Studies.”

This special issue focuses new attention on research studies of Asian American activism.  With this issue, Diane Fujino and Robyn Rodriquez help to make legible Asian American activism studies.  In Part I on immigration studies, Monisha Das Gupta examines the political pedagogy of Khmer Girls in Action, Elizabeth Rubio asks “What does immigration justice work look like when legalization is not its central goal?”, and Wendy Cheng studies the transnational activism of Taiwanese student immigrants.  In Part II on gender and sexuality studies, Karen Hanna examines how radical motherwork intersects with the transnational activism of Filipina women in Chicago, and Kong Phen Pha examines the complicated activism of queer Hmong Americans in Minnesota.  In Part III on Black-Asian politics, Jeanelle Hope and May Fu et al explore Asian American solidarities with Black Lives Matter, while Yuanyuan Feng and Mark Tseng-Putterman examine the uses of social media to mobilize the Chinese right, relying on “colorblind” race rhetoric, while claiming a struggle for racial equality.  Altogether, this special issue presents cutting edge research on Asian American activism.  To see the issue, see here: