Miso Jang

Peer Advisor

Office Hours

Thursday, 11:00 AM - 1:45 PM

Office Location

HSSB 5044


Hi everyone! 

My name is Miso Jang and I am a 4th year Asian American Studies and Sociology double major with an Education minor. I am a first-generation Korean American college student from the LA county area. Throughout my time here at UCSB, I've been very active with multiple cultural organizations and took on a couple leadership roles. I was an intern for the Asian and Pacific Islander Cultural Mentorship Program  my second year and became the co-coordinating intern my third year. I was on the Inreach Committee for the Korean American Campus Missions  and I have also participated in two cultural productions with Kapatirang Pilipino and the Vietnamese Student Association . Currently, I am the Public Relations Chair for the Southeast Asian Union  organization and a NUFP (NASPA Undergradute Fellowship Program) mentee. My involvement on campus really allowed me to find my own sense of identity here on campus and has given me a space of community. 
I took my first Asian American Studies course the spring quarter of my freshman year and the course allowed me to explore various sides of the Asian American identity and I immediately declared a minor after taking the course with Dr. Fujino. After taking a few more classes, I really enjoyed learning and became very invested in the material that I was learning, which really pushed me to take more classes. Without realizing it, I took more classes than necessary and followed up with declaring the major my sophomore year. Throughout my time with this major, I really enjoyed getting closer to all of the faculty members in this department and the support they have provided me in my academics. 
This past summer, I wrote two research papers through the Sociology department and one of them explores how Southeast Asian Americans debunk the Model Minority Myth within Asian Americans in education. Although the courses were challenging, it was really eye opening to get involved in the research process and it provided me a better understanding of the Southeast Asian community. 
I am very passionate about learning and getting involved in the Asian American community and the field of education. After graduation, I plan on going to graduate school and work in higher education. 
My office hours for Fall 2018 are on Thursdays 11am-1:45pm. Stop by HSSB 5044 during my office hours to know more about me and our amazing department!