Asian American History

Asian American history is fundamental and foundational for the field of Asian American Studies. Sucheng Chan, the founder of our Department, was a leading scholar in Asian American history, and her books have remained some of the most important in our field. Professors Xiaojian Zhao, John Park, and Diane Fujino have continued working in Asian American History for most of their time here at UCSB.  Professor Xiaojian Zhao received her Ph.D. in History from UC Berkeley, and she is among the most prominent scholars in Chinese American History. John Park is a legal historian, he specializes in immigration law and policy, and all of his books have drawn from archival collections in comparative ethnic studies, American legal history, and American immigration history.  Diane Fujino has published extensively on social movement history, both in Asian American and comparative ethnic studies.

For students, the Department offers an extensive set of courses in Asian American History, both as general introductions to the field, as well as advanced courses for students interested in more detailed areas, including courses on Western colonialism and migration, Asian American oral histories, and family and community histories.  Many of our graduates have pursued advanced studies in Asian American history after college, and we welcome all students as they explore with us the innovative methodological and substantive approaches to this field.