Studying Abroad

Many students at UCSB take advantage of the university’s Education Abroad Program. Studying abroad gives students the opportunity to take classes at top international universities, experience a new culture, learn a new language, boost their résumé with an internship, or conduct research in cutting-edge institutions around the world! For information specific to Asian American Studies majors and minors wishing to study abroad, please visit

*Note: Very few universities outside of the US provide courses in Asian American Studies; therefore, many of our majors and minors who go abroad decide to use it as an opportunity to complete their General Education requirements. But the department is open to students petitioning substitutions within Areas C and D of the major and Area C of the minor (for more details, please go to our Major & Minor Requirements webpage). These can include courses in race or ethnicity in disciplines such as Literature, Theatre, History, Sociology or Political Science. To discuss course planning before going abroad, please contact our Undergraduate Advisor Jacob Young at


Our former Peer Advisor, Jenna Leung, who studied abroad and enjoyed the sites of Paris, Italy, and Rome, respectively. :)